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Fort Lauderdale Homeowner Property Damage Insurance Claim Guide and FAQs

Fort Lauderdale is well-known for its brush fires during the dry season (winter), heavy rainfalls, and hurricane activity. In fact, some of the most devastating hurricanes in recent years have hit Fort Lauderdale (Hurricane Irma in 2017, Katrina, and Wilma in 2005). So, there’s water damage from rainfalls, roof damage, storm damage, and hurricane damage from strong winds and the occasional hurricanes. Fort Lauderdale’s homeowners must place much emphasis on home insurance, and they do!

Filing a claim for property damage in Fort Lauderdale is similarly tricky as in other parts of Florida, though. The insurance company’s adjuster will try to overlook the magnitude of your losses and underpay you. If you fail to document your claim correctly, they will outright deny it. In this case, you should contact Merkury Public Adjusters for professional assistance with property damage claims. We are unmatched in Fort Lauderdale in terms of experience and knowledge of claim procedures!

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Property damage claim types

Property damage comes in multiple types, and all of them occur in Fort Lauderdale, some more than others. As professional public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale, we offer expert assistance with each property damage type. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of all claim types, and the documentation we make is undeniable. These are the claim types we offer assistance with:

  • Wind damage claims
  • Roof damage claims
  • Vandalism and theft damage claims
  • Hail damage claims
  • Hurricane damage claims
  • Business interruption

Insurance companies in Fort Lauderdale differ in terms of their insurance coverage in some places. For instance, the debris and tree removal coverage is only valid if the downed tree has damaged insured property. If the damaged property is not insured, the insurance company won’t remove the debris. However, if the tree blocks the main entrance to an insured property, some insurance companies will provide debris and tree removal coverage.

To understand what your policy covers and what it doesn’t, we recommend contacting Merkury Public Adjusters and asking for professional advice. We’ll be able to guide you on the proper steps to take regarding property damage and filing a claim. We can thoroughly assess your losses and prepare in-depth documentation related to the property damage. During the negotiations with your insurer, we will represent you and insist on receiving a satisfactory settlement to cover your losses.

What types of homeowners’ insurance policies are available in Fort Lauderdale?

Regardless of the property damage type, there is always an insurance policy covering it in Fort Lauderdale. Even for business interruption and income loss situations, Merkury Public Adjusters can guide you on filing a suitable claim, depending on your insurance policy:

  • HO-1 insurance policies provide basic coverage for residential and commercial properties. Only the perils named in the policy are covered, such as lightning damage, fire or smoke damage, explosions, car damage, theft and vandalism damage, hail and windstorm damage, aircraft damage, riots, and civil commotions, volcanic eruptions, etc.
  • HO-2 policies provide additional protections that may include electrical damage and heating damage. All of the perils named in the HO-1 policy will be present in the HO-2.
  • HO-3 homeowners’ policies are the most common insurance policy used by property owners in Fort Lauderdale. This policy offers coverage for any damage type that isn’t included in the exceptions list. Unlike HO-1 and HO-2 policies, the HO-3 doesn’t have a named list of covered perils, only an exceptions list.
  • HO-4 policies are the renters’ insurance, and they provide coverage for personal belongings and liability. As for structural damage done to the living space, this policy type won’t cover it.
  • HO-5 policies are more extensive than HO-1s, HO-2s, and HO-3s. In Fort Lauderdale, homeowners who want the best home insurance will choose the HO-5, though, despite its higher price. Besides the damage types included in previous insurance policy types, the HO-5 also covers mold, water, and flood damage.
  • HO-6 – This insurance policy is specific to condominium property owners, and just like the HO-4 policy, it covers personal liability and belongings. This policy doesn’t cover damage to the living space, though. Instead, the condo association should cover this type of damage in Fort Lauderdale.
  • HO-7 policies refer to mobile homeowners who want to insure their mobile homes against damage specific to this type of property. The HO-7 is essentially the same as the HO-3 policy, only related to mobile home properties.
  • HO-8 insurance policies are specifically designed to cover property damage to older homes. When you insure your old house with a HO-8 policy, know that your insurance is equal to the property’s replacement cost or market value.

Besides hurricanes and storm damage coverage, Fort Lauderdale homeowners should also obtain coverage against vandalism and theft. In Florida, there is an average of 3,316 burglaries per year. While this is a low rate compared to the national average, Fort Lauderdale still has its fair share of burglaries and thefts.

Frequently asked questions about Fort Lauderdale public adjusters

  1. How can a public adjuster help me?

Merkury Public Adjusters provides expert assistance with damage assessment and claim filing procedures. Moreover, we negotiate with your insurer from a position of knowledge and experience. We represent your best interest by striving for a total loss coverage and a satisfactory settlement.

  • How long before I get paid by the insurance company?

In Fort Lauderdale, all companies are required to either pay or deny your claim within 90 days from the moment you reported the property damage. If you decide that the initial settlement is unsatisfactory and hire Merkury Public Adjusters to renegotiate your claim, it may take another three to six months before you get paid.

  • How much will you charge me for public adjuster services?

Unless you receive a settlement from the insurance company, we don’t get paid. We also never charge upfront fees. After you win a settlement, we subtract a percentage from it. It’s in our best interest to look after yours!

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