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Miami Homeowner Property Damage Insurance Claim Guide and FAQs

Miami, Florida, is well-known for its Hurricane Season, a period where hurricanes and storms consume the city. Officially, the season starts on the 1st of June and ends on the 30th of November. However, hurricanes may strike Miami outside of this period. With over 467,963 people recorded at the 2019 census, Miami has many property damage claims coming up every year. A large number of these relate to hurricane damage, water damage, and fire damage from brushfires. Merkury Public Adjusters has helped many Miami homeowners receive adequate compensations from insurers!

We can help you file a claim for the following situations:

  • Wind damage
  • Business interruption
  • Denied or underpaid claims
  • Hurricane damage
  • Mold damage
  • Roof damage
  • Hail damage
  • Theft and vandalism damage

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Is roof damage common in Miami?

Roof damage occurs because of strong winds that dislocate shingles, tiles, and sections of your roof. Coincidentally, Miami’s Hurricane Season manifests in disastrous storms and winds that lay waste to many homes. Roof damage is among the most reoccurring events in Miami when it comes to insurance claims. It’s not uncommon that strong winds will topple trees on your roof or wall sections. Did you know that insurance companies are required to offer you a discount if you take protection measures against hurricane and wind damage?

You can install windstorm-resistant garage doors, secure your roof, and protect your windows from flying debris when a hurricane occurs. With these mitigating features installed, insurance companies are legally compelled to provide a discount on the windstorm (hurricane) premium. Considering that the average insurance premium in Florida is $1,103 per year, a discount would be much appreciated. Moreover, it’s a good idea to protect your home against hurricanes and storms. In recent years, Florida had 594 recorded catastrophes due to storms and 23 reported tornadoes.

We, at Merkury Public Adjusters, can negotiate for a considerable settlement for your hurricane-related losses. Feel free to contact us for help for your Miami Public Adjuster needs!

What types of homeowners’ insurance policies are available in Miami?

When filing a claim for property damage in Miami, the type of insurance policy you have can result in a denied claim or a hefty settlement for your losses. Are you insured for that particular damage type? You can find out by consulting the eight types of insurance policies used by insurance companies in Miami:

  • HO-1 insurance policies cover a limited variety of named perils, such as fire and smoke damage, explosions, hail or windstorm damage, theft and vandalism, volcanic eruptions, civil riots, aircraft damage, car damage, and lightning damage.
  • HO-2 policies provide more ample coverage for additional perils. They include electrical damage, damage from falling objects, and heating or air conditioning damage.
  • HO-3 policies rely on an exclusion list that tells you what the insurance policy doesn’t cover. What isn’t included in the exclusion section is covered by the HO-3 insurance policies.
  • HO-4 homeowners’ insurance policies are specific for renters, offering coverage for personal liability and personal belongings. Damage to the living space doesn’t fall under the coverage of this policy.
  • HO-5 insurance policies cover more perils than the HO-1, HO-2, and HO-3 policies, and that’s why HO-5s are also the most expensive out of all four. You can expect coverage for mold damage, flood damage, and water damage from a HO-5 insurance policy.
  • HO-6 policies, also known as “condo insurance policies”, are ideal for condominium owners. This policy provides personal liability and belongings insurance, but it doesn’t cover property damage. If the living space suffers damage, you need to appeal to the condo association to cover it.
  • HO-7 insurance policies are used by mobile homeowners to insure their properties for specific damage types. The HO-7 policy is similar to the HO-3 because it uses an exclusion list to detail what it doesn’t cover.
  • HO-8 homeowners’ insurance policies only apply to older homes that are prone to specific property damage. Similar to the HO-3 policies, the HO-8s insure your old house at its market value or replacement cost.

Merkury Public Adjusters can further explain how these insurance policies affect the claim procedures. Call us at 561-670-7838 if you have any questions!

Frequently asked questions about insurance policies in Miami

  1. Can I hire a public adjuster if the insurance company closed my claim?

Florida law allows you to file a supplement claim for your incurred losses to the insurance company during the first few years. You can contact Merkury Public Adjusters if you think the insurance company underpaid your claim.

Our team will re-open the claim and reassess your losses. After preparing the property damage documentation, we will initiate negotiations with your insurer. If possible, we will obtain a more satisfactory settlement for your losses.

  • Why should I hire a public adjuster? Can’t I file the claim myself?

When your property suffers damage of any kind, it’s your responsibility to document and prove your losses to the insurance company. However, rather than doing it alone and risking an underpayment or a denied claim, it’s much better to hire a professional public adjuster to do it for you!

We are exceptionally knowledgeable about insurance policies in Miami, claim procedures, and insurance forms. Our job is to get you the maximum settlement for your losses. Unless you get paid, we don’t get paid. That’s because we only get a percentage from the insurance settlement., and nothing more.

  • Does hiring a public adjuster guarantee a higher settlement?

In our experience, we have always obtained settlements higher than the initial offers provided by their insurance company to our clients. Thanks to our attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of insurance policies and damage assessment procedures, we can guarantee a satisfactory settlement for your losses.

Merkury Public Adjusters is available 24/7 to assist you with your claim, so feel free to contact us at 561-670-7838 whenever possible!

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