Denied Underpaid Claims Public Adjuster

Denied Underpaid Claims Public Adjuster
Denied Underpaid Claims Public Adjuster

The word “denied” is the worst word you can hear from an insurance agent. If your property has suffered severe damage from a fire, flood, vandal, water, burglar, winds, or hurricane, you deserve to be compensated for the value of the damage. But if your claim is denied underpaid, your insurance company may be trying to avoid its financial responsibility in the matter. Don’t let that happen.

Here some possible reasons why your insurance company might deny your claim:

  • You missed the deadline for filing your claim.
  • You missed one or more premium payments, which gives the insurance company the right to cancel your coverage or deny claims until those back payments are made.
  • You provided false information on your insurance application, which is contrary to the terms of your policy.
  • The investigation revealed preexisting damages not caused by the initial incident outlined in claim.
  • You didn’t take reasonable preventative measures to prevent further damage.
  • Your insurance policy had exclusions for certain elements of your property, such as patio furniture or patio awnings.

If your insurance claim has been denied, you need to take appropriate action in a timely manner. First, read your insurance policy closely to make sure you understand what it does and doesn’t cover. Now read the denial notice from your insurance company, which will explain why the claim was denied.

Compare their reasoning for the denial to the provisions in your insurance policy. If it seems like the insurance company should have approved your claim, you need to appeal the denied claim.

That’s where we come in. Merkury Public Adjusters are experienced in dealing with denied claims cases. We’ll review all the details of your claim and the specific reasons why your insurer denied it.

Based on the information we find, we’ll file an appeal with your insurance company on your behalf. If the insurance company denies the appeal but it still looks like you have a legitimate claim, we’ll take further action.

Reopening Claims in Florida

Some states do not allow denied insurance claims to be reopened. The good news is that Florida is not one of those states. Florida gives policyholders up to five years to reopen a denied claim. If you wait longer than five years after the date of the initial claim denial, you won’t be able to reopen it.

You need a good reason to reopen a denied claim. For instance, if you submitted incomplete information on your insurance claim and it was denied, you can reopen the claim and add the missing information. Perhaps you forget to mention all the damages that occurred or some other relevant information about the incident.

Another good reason to reopen a denied claim is if your insurance policy appears to cover the damage you filed a claim for, but your insurance company has denied it. Some insurance companies will purposely deny a high-value claim in the hopes that the policyholder will just accept their decision without trying to fight it. Hiring a public adjuster will motivate the insurance company to reopen the claim.

Contact Denied Underpaid Claims Public Adjusters

If you have questions about appealing a denied underpaid claim, contact Merkury Public Adjusters at 561-670-7838. We can set up a free consultation whenever you’re ready to proceed.