Hail Damage Public Adjuster

Hail Damage Public Adjuster
Hail Damage Public Adjuster

People are always surprised to learn that a tropical paradise like Florida gets hailstones (a map of hails in Florida). But it’s true, and they can be devastating.

When hailstones fall, they’re like small rocks dropping from the sky. If these stones land on your roof or windows, they can easily damage them. The roof is the part of a property that is most damaged by hailstones. All of those hard hailstones can damage shingles, tiles, and even the structure of the roof. The severity of the damage depends on the severity of the storm.

You’ll know when a hailstorm occurs because you’ll hear a lot of thumping sounds coming from your roof. After a hailstorm strikes, investigate your roof and other areas of your property for hail damage. Bring your camera with you to snap pictures of the hailstones if you see them on the ground or on your roof. This is the best evidence you can ever produce, because it will prove that a hailstorm did pass over your property.

Many property owners make the mistake of not taking pictures of the hailstones after a storm. If you wait for an insurance adjuster to take pictures, it will be too late. The hailstones will probably melt before the adjuster gets to the property. Then you won’t be able to prove whether hail or something else damaged our property.

In some cases, your insurance company may think the damage was already there, and you didn’t bother to fix it. That’s why you must collect the evidence of the incident before you contact anybody.

The Next Steps to Take

After you’ve taken your pictures of the damaged areas and the hailstones next to them, contact Merkury Public Adjusters for further assistance. We will send a public adjuster to your property who will conduct their own examination of the damage. They will also take photographs and collect evidence.

This is your chance to give them your photographs so they can compare and contrast your photographs with theirs. Expect the insurance company’s claim adjuster to do the same thing after they’re contacted. It never hurts to have a lot of photographic evidence in an insurance claim case, especially when hail damage is concerned. Hail damage is difficult enough to prove, so the more evidence, the better.

Our hail damage public adjusters will contact your insurance company and file the hail damage claim on your behalf. All of the future negotiations and discussion that take place with your insurance company will be conducted through our public adjusters. You won’t have to negotiate with your insurance company, because we’ll do it for you. It’s what our public adjusters are trained to do.

What to Expect with a Merkury Hail Damage Public Adjuster

If everything goes according to plan, you can expect a settlement amount that will cover the full extent of the hail damage. There’s no way to predict how much this amount will be. It depends on how badly your roof and windows were damaged.

In any event, you won’t have to pay anything for our services until your insurance company approves your claim and pays you a fair settlement. That is our promise to you.

If your property has been attacked by hailstones, get the compensation you deserve. Contact the hail damage claims experts at Merkury Public Adjusters by dialing 561-670-7838 or complete our online contact us form.

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