Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster
Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

As a Florida property owner, it’s vital to have hurricane coverage on your insurance policy. Over the last four years, hurricanes have been a common occurrence in the southeast United States. Florida has experienced at least two direct hits from hurricanes within those four years. Each time, the results were devastating for the state’s property owners and business owners.

Before a hurricane strikes your property, it’s important that you know how to prepare for it and deal with the aftermath. Obviously, you have no power over which direction the hurricane will go. But you can try to protect your property by boarding up windows and removing loose objects from the lawn. Your insurance company will want to know you took these basic precautionary steps before the hurricane arrived. It will increase your chances of getting your hurricane claim approved.

It’s not difficult to prove that a hurricane struck your house. Since hurricanes are reported on every major television station, there won’t be any dispute about the existence of the hurricane. However, your insurance company will investigate whether the damage you’re reporting was caused by the hurricane or not. Some people who have preexisting damage to their property will try to claim it was caused by a hurricane. Don’t attempt to do this, because the claim adjuster will discover the truth.

Affected Areas

 A few missing shingles on your roof won’t be considered hurricane damage. True hurricane damage may cause the following problems:

  • Electrical damage
  • Roof damage
  • Drywall damage
  • Siding damage
  • Business loss of income (for commercial policyholders)

 Hurricane damage is easily noticeable when it is investigated. As long as you remain honest about the damage, then no one will question it.

Why You Should Hire a Hurricane Damage Public Adjuster

 Insurance companies love to delay hurricane damage claims. Since the settlements are usually several thousands of dollars, they will want to prolong the payout as long as possible or try to find a plausible excuse for denying the claim.

Therefore, you need to have a public adjuster on your side to defend your claim and prove its validity. Merkury Public Adjusters will guide you through the entire process, including getting the repairs done, paperwork, collecting evidence, and so on.

We will conduct all of the negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies about hurricane damage cases. It’s what our training and experience enables us to do, especially after being in Florida for so many years. We’ve dealt with hundreds of hurricane damage cases, and most of them resulted in settlements for our clients. We’re confident we can achieve the same results for you.

Earn a Maximum Settlement in a Faster Timeframe with Merkury Public Adjusters

Hurricane damage can leave you homeless or without a business for several months. If your insurance company continues to delay the decision on your claim, you’ll be left in a state of uncertainty. If your insurer eventually does approve your claim, the offer might not be enough to cover the cost of the damages. Only a hurricane damage public adjuster can help you earn a maximum settlement in a faster timeframe.

Merkury Public Adjusters has a great track record of winning maximum settlements for our clients. You shouldn’t have to wait longer than a few months, depending on the severity and complexity of your hurricane damage claim. No matter the circumstances, we promise to keep putting pressure on your insurance company to settle.

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