Roof Damage Public Adjuster

Roof Damage Public Adjuster
Roof Damage Public Adjuster

The roof is the most vulnerable part of your property. Whenever rain or hail falls from the sky, it drops right on top of your roof. What’s worse is when debris gets carried in the wind and slams into your roof. Since Florida is known for its strong winds, it’s common for wind debris to damage roofs. Occasionally, a tree branch or tree might fall onto your roof.

As you can see, there are many ways for a roof to suffer damage in Florida. That’s why it’s smart to inspect your roof periodically to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a storm for a roof to suffer damage. You might already have roof damage and not even realize it. But once you discover it, your insurance company might penalize you for waiting too long to report it.

Here are possible signs of roof damage:

  • Water leaks through the ceiling inside your home. This often indicates a leaky roof.
  • You hear thumping sounds or other strange noises coming from your roof, especially during a big storm.
  • You see black mold on the ceilings and walls of your home.
  • You observe water accumulating around the outside of your home. This often indicates your gutters are leaking or damaged, which sometimes indicates a problem with your roof as well.

What to Do Next

The first step is to verify that you have roof damage. If you discover the damage yourself, take pictures of it with your smartphone or digital camera. There might be more than one damaged area, so take pictures of all of them. You’ll need to provide these pictures to your insurance company when you file your claim.

But first, contact Merkury Public Adjusters and recruit them to investigate the roof damage and help you process your claim. Insurance companies often deal with roof damage claims. They know how to find loopholes in insurance policies so they can avoid paying out roof damage claims, especially if they’re worth a lot of money.

Our roof damage public adjusters know how to prove that you’re owed the maximum allowable amount of compensation for your roof damage. We’ll collect and review the evidence to create the possible best defense. After we file your roof damage claim on your behalf, we’ll continue the negotiations with your insurance company.

There is a much better chance that the insurer will settle for a high amount of money if they’re negotiating with a public adjuster and not the policyholder. They know that public adjusters understand the insurance game as well as claim adjusters do. If your insurance policy entitles you to coverage for the type of roof damage you incurred, then they will have no choice but to pay you compensation.

Only Pay for Success

Merkury Public Adjusters does not require up-front fees for its services. Our roof damage public adjusters work on a commission basis, which means that our profits are dependent on the successful outcome of your claim. That gives us an extra incentive to work harder to prove the validity of your claim and make sure your insurance company pays out what they owe you.

Contact Our Roof Damage Public Adjusters Today!

Roof damage cannot be ignored or repairs postponed. If you ignore it, you leave too much at risk. Your entire home could suffer irreversible damage if you don’t do something about your roof damage soon.

Contact the public adjusters at Merkury Public Adjusters today. We can guide you through the claim process and handle the tough negotiations from our end. Simply call us at 561-670-7838 to get the process started or complete this form.

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