Wind Damage Public Adjuster

Wind Damage Public Adjuster
Wind Damage Public Adjuster

Wind damage can come at any time and any place. The worst-case example of wind damage is when a hurricane destroys your entire property with 180+ mph wind gusts. In most cases, however, wind damage won’t come from a hurricane, but from winds no faster than 20 or 30 mph.

What makes winds so dangerous is the debris they carry with them. If small solid objects are blown around in the air at high speed, they might damage your property. The areas of a property commonly affected by strong winds include:

  • Exterior siding
  • Shingles
  • Roof
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Foundation

If you have one or two broken windows, it might not be worth filing a claim since because your deductible would be higher than the payout amount. But if your property has suffered serious damage, you have no choice but to file a wind damage claim with your insurance company.

For instance, if a tree falls on your house because strong winds knocked it down, your insurance claim could be worth tens of thousands of dollars or more. Don’t take the risk of negotiating with your insurance company on your own if the value of your claim is high. Insurance companies are in the business of denying claims with potentially high payouts.

For this reason, you need to hire a public adjuster whenever you have to file a high-value wind damage claim.

The Benefits of Hiring Our Wind Damage Public Adjusters

Plenty of wind damage public adjusters in Florida could manage your wind damage claim. However, most of them are less experienced and less skilled than the public adjusters at Merkury Public Adjusters.

Each of our public adjusters has undergone the proper training to handle wind damage claim cases. You can have peace of mind knowing that true professionals are assisting you with your claim during this difficult and stressful time in your life.

Wind damage claims can be complicated if you don’t know how to handle them properly. Some public adjusters are experienced at handling hurricane damage claims as opposed to ordinary wind damage claims. There’s a big difference between the two; wind damage claims are actually harder to prove than hurricane damage claims.

That’s why you need a public adjuster with a long track record of negotiating maximum settlements for wind damage claims. Merkury Public Adjusters has won hundreds of settlements just like this for our clients. Let us do the same for you.

Merkury Public Adjusters has negotiated with some of the biggest insurance companies in the industry regarding wind damage claims. Whether you have Nationwide, Citizens, Geico, Allstate or State Farm home insurance, we’re confident we can work with your insurer to reach a settlement that covers 100% of the wind damage value.

No Upfront Costs with Merkury Public Adjusters!

Did we mention that you don’t have to pay us a dollar up front? Merkury Public Adjusters only gets paid after we’ve successfully reached a settlement with your insurance company on your behalf. Our commission is a small percentage of the settlement amount. If we can’t negotiate a settlement with your insurance company, you won’t owe us a cent. How does that sound?

If you’re ready to seek compensation for your wind damage claim with the help of our public adjusters, call us at 561-670-7838. We’ll arrange a free consultation with one of our public adjusters who specializes in wind damage claims.