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Fort Pierce residents are accustomed to the city’s beautiful beaches and gorgeous scenery. But sometimes there’s a price to pay for living in paradise. Nasty weather and natural deterioration might cause unexpected damage your home. When it does happen, you need to know who to call for help. 

Before you contact your insurance company and file a claim on your own, you should contact a local Fort Pierce Public Adjuster for assistance on your behalf. Adjusting company like Merkury Public Adjusters employ experienced public adjusters who specialize in all types of property damage claims in Florida. We can assign you the perfect public adjuster to represent you during your claim case.

Types of Property Damages

Are you familiar with the types of damages covered by your insurance policy? If not, you might want to review your insurance policy. Sometimes insurance companies will put provisions in place that give them an excuse to deny your claim under certain circumstances.

Merkury Public Adjusters will do everything possible to prevent your insurance company from treating you this way. We’ll also review your insurance policy and look for any possible way to get your insurance company to compensate you for the value of the damage.

The following types of damage should be covered under your policy:

Hurricane Damage – Fort Pierce is a beautiful place, but is often in the path of hurricanes. Since the city is so close to the Atlantic Ocean, any hurricane that hits Florida will most likely hit Fort Pierce. Hurricane-force winds have the potential to cause a severe amount of damage to your home, especially the roof. Insurance policies with hurricane coverage should pay for these repairs.

Water Damage – Your home might suffer water damage because of a burst pipe, flood, or leaky roof. This type of damage is a lot more serious than you might think. It has the potential to permanently ruin your home’s foundation and internal structure if the damage is not dealt with promptly. Your insurance company will expect you to address the cause of the damage so that it does not get worse. Then you should receive compensation for the areas of your home that were damaged.

Fire Damage – One bad appliance or faulty electrical wire could send your home up in flames. If you’re not around to stop the fire before it spreads, your entire home might be destroyed. Your insurance policy will cover the losses, as long as the damage was not preventable.

Why You Need a local Fort Pierce Public Adjuster

Public adjusters can serve as your representatives in an insurance claim case. Since your insurance company doesn’t have your best interests at heart, you need to hire somebody who does. A public adjuster works directly for you instead of the insurance company. It’s in the public adjuster’s best interests to protect your rights in the case, since they don’t get paid until you’re paid.

A public adjuster knows how to negotiate with insurance companies, because it’s what they’ve been trained to do. Even though you must pay a commission fee after a settlement is reached, it’s still worth the money because a public adjuster can fight for a higher settlement on your behalf.

Contact Merkury Public Adjusters

Have any questions? Ready to talk about your insurance claim? You can direct all inquiries and questions to Merkury Public Adjusters by calling (561) 670-7838 or by contacting us here.


How quickly should I address the source of my home damage (plumbing leak, roof leak, etc.)?

You’re not expected to repair the property damage immediately. However, you are expected to prevent the property damage from getting worse before you do anything else.

For example, if you notice a roof leak or plumbing leak, you must take immediate action to stop the leak. If it is a roof leak, cover the damaged area with a tarp or some other material to prevent water from getting through. If it’s a plumbing leak, shut off the main water supply to your home so that water no longer flows through the pipes.

Your insurance company will expect you to take these types of immediate actions to reduce the severity of the damage. If you fail to take these necessary actions, your insurance company might deny your claim.

How soon should I call my local Fort Pierce Public Adjuster after my property is damaged?

Call your public adjuster as soon as you have addressed the source of the damage and prevented it from getting worse. It’s better to contact the adjuster before you contact your insurance company and file a claim. That way, your adjuster can oversee the claims process from the very beginning and negotiate with your insurance company from the start. This will give you a better chance of getting your claim approved.

What is the managed repair program (a.k.a., “right to repair”)?

The managed repair program is what an insurance company uses to manage the repairs of your property damage.

Traditionally, insurance companies will send a check to the policyholder for the value of the damage, and the policyholder uses the money to hire a repair company. But now, an increasing number of insurance companies will hire from their own network of contractors to find the cheapest repair costs possible. They no longer leave it up to the policyholder to do this.

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