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Orlando is a fast-paced city with a lot of attractions and exciting things to see, such as Universal Studios and Disney World. However, the city is also prone to bad weather and other unforeseen events that might damage your property. You need to have an adequate homeowner’s insurance policy that offers coverage for every possible type of property damage that might occur.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get your insurance claim approved. Insurance companies are businesses that want to make money. They can’t do that if they have to constantly approve big claims. That’s why they’ll do whatever is necessary to prevent your claim from being paid in full or at all.

Merkury Public Adjusters will make sure this doesn’t happen. When you hire our public adjusters, we will represent you throughout the claims process. We will start with an investigation of your damages and proceed to the claim filing and negotiations with your insurance company. Once they see that you have professional representation, they will be quick to settle and avoid a court battle.

Types of Property Damages

Property damage can happen for many reasons. Sometimes bad weather is the cause, but not always. Other circumstances can arise and cause devastation to your property. You need to be ready for them and have the necessary insurance coverage in order to receive compensation for the damages they cause.

Common types of property damage include:

Mold Damage – Mold is a type of fungus that forms in moist areas. Since Orlando is very humid, it’s easy for mold to form on the ceilings and walls of homes in the city. It’s even easier for mold to form when you have a leaky roof or burst pipe. Check to see if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers mold damage. As long as it’s not preexisting mold, it should be covered.

Fire Damage – No one wants to think that a fire could occur on their property. However, there’s always a chance that a faulty electrical wire or appliance might start a fire. It doesn’t take much time for a fire to cause serious damage to your property. If you did everything possible to put out the fire quickly, your insurance company should approve your fire damage claim.

Wind Damage – Orlando is no stranger to heavy winds, especially during hurricane season. Strong winds could damage your roof, siding, windows or landscaping. It’s even worse if the winds propel debris into your home. In any of these cases, your insurance policy will cover any wind-related damages.

Roof Damage – Another reason for a damaged roof might be a fallen tree or branch. Check to see whether your insurance policy covers this type of roof damage

Why You Need a local Orlando Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is an experienced insurance claims professional who is an independent third-party. As the policyholder, you hire the public adjuster to help you prove the accuracy and legitimacy of your insurance claim. The public adjuster conducts negotiations with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you’re paid a full settlement amount.

Contact Merkury Public Adjusters

Did your Orlando property recently suffer damage? If so, hire an Orlando public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim. Contact Merkury Public Adjusters at (561) 670-7838 or email us here.


Do I pay for a property inspection in Orlando?

You don’t pay anything extra for a property inspection when you hire a public adjuster. A property inspection is part of the public adjuster’s service. The damaged parts of your property will be inspected and photographed thoroughly. The public adjuster will use this evidence to support your claim.

My claim was denied. Can an Orlando public adjuster helps me reopen the claim?

Denied claims are NOT final. A public adjuster can help you reopen your claim and appeal to the insurance company to consider approving it. The first thing we’ll do is review all the details and documentation related to your case, including the insurance company’s explanation of why it denied your claim.

Based on the evidence, we’ll put together a legitimate argument for why the claim should be reopened. We’ll present evidence to the insurance company and negotiate with them appropriately. Our goal is to make them realize that you have a legitimate claim that deserves to be honored. If the case is strong enough, they will likely agree to reopen the claim out of fear of getting sued and ending up in court.

How long Orlando property damage claims usually take?

Florida law requires your insurance company to make a decision on a claim within 90 days after it is filed. If it is a minor claim, it probably won’t take them too long to make a decision. But if the claim is worth a lot of money, your insurer will probably hold out for as long as possible before making a decision. If they do decide to pay the claim, they will likely offer a smaller amount than you are owed.

In cases where you are unhappy with the settlement amount, you can file a dispute and request more compensation. Remember that disputes can prolong the claims process by 3 to 6 months, but it may be worth waiting that long if you’re owed a lot more money.

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