Mold Damage Public Adjuster Orlando

Mold Damage Public Adjuster Orlando
Mold Damage Public Adjuster Orlando

Filing a mold damage claim is a challenging undertaking for any homeowner in Orlando. Only with the help of a professional mold damage public adjuster in Orlando can you successfully obtain a reasonable settlement from your insurer. Merkury Public Adjusters stands ready to provide quality adjusting services for mold property damage! Our experts are trained in the most efficient methods to assess and document mold damage. We will represent your best interest in negotiating with your insurer and convince them to provide more significant compensation for your losses.

Usually, mold damage claims suffer one of two results – underpayment or denial. The reason why many mold claims are denied is the improper documentation of the damage. Most insurance companies in Orlando only cover mold damage if an unpredictable event causes it. For instance, a rainstorm gets through your damaged roof and leads to moisture and high humidity in your home. That’s when mold starts growing. However, if the mold occurs because of your own negligence or irresponsible behavior, then the insurance company won’t cover the damage. We can help you figure out the cause of your mold infestation and file a claim for it!

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Why are mold claims difficult to claim?

Out of all claim types, mold claims are the most complex and have the highest chance of failure. That’s because insurance companies have exceptions and regulations regarding mold claims. It’s a bureaucratic maze created to confuse homeowners, but there is a solution. The Merkury Public Adjusters specialists in Orlando can efficiently assess your mold infestation and estimate the mitigation costs. With enough evidence, including photographs of the mold infestation, we will negotiate for the necessary compensation with the insurance company.

We want to assist you in obtaining the money you need for the mold mitigation services. After paying your contributions to the insurance company for so long, it’s time you benefitted from that. Our team will negotiate with your insurer on your behalf and strive to obtain the maximum settlement for your losses. We’re confident we can do that due to our stringent methodology and experience with mold damage claims. Throughout the years helping clients, we’ve realized that any claim has a shot at success. If the incurred damage isn’t because of personal negligence, Merkury Public Adjusters guarantees a substantial settlement from your insurance company!

Contact a Merkury mold damage public adjuster today for a free claim estimate and commission-only services

Our mold damage public adjuster in Orlando works based on commissions only. We don’t have any hidden or upfront fees. Contacting us and requesting a claim estimate is entirely free. Until we get you any compensation from the insurance company, you won’t have to pay us a dime. We understand that the mold mitigation costs are hard to shoulder by yourself. For this reason, we’ll strive to obtain reasonable compensation for your incurred losses and expenses. If we fail to do that, it would be disadvantageous both to you and us.

However, we’re confident in our claim methodology and experience of our PAs. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Orlando get higher settlements on their property damage claims, including mold damage. You just contact us, and we’ll take care of the rest! There’s no need to worry about the claim procedures or damage assessment. We’ll guide you from start to finish until the insurance company gives you the necessary settlement for your incurred losses.

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