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West Palm Beach Public Adjuster
West Palm Beach Public Adjuster

West Palm Beach is a popular city for retirement and vacation. If you own a home or business in West Palm Beach, you have the privilege of looking at gorgeous property every day. However, bad weather or other unexpected things can damage your property when you least expect it, leaving you to deal with the aftermath by seeking compensation for the damage from your insurance company.  That is where a West Palm Beach Public Adjuster comes in.

Before you contact your insurer, you need to be ready for their tactics. Insurance companies don’t like to pay out high-value insurance claims. They’ll try to make an excuse for why your claim cannot be approved. But if you have a certified public adjuster on your side, the outcome might be better for you.

Merkury Public Adjusters has handled the insurance claims of West Palm Beach residents and business owners for years. We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and convince them to approve claims that deserve full compensation. Please give us the opportunity to do this for you.

Types of Property Damages

As a West Palm Beach insurance policyholder, you need coverage to protect your property from many different kinds of damages. The most common damages in West Palm Beach are:

Water Damage – West Palm Beach gets a lot of rain. If you have a leaky roof, then rain could easily cause damage to your structure. Water damage may also occur because of a flood, hurricane, burst pipe, or malfunctioning appliance. If As the cause of the water damage was not preventable, your insurance company should approve your claim.

Business Income Loss – Do you own a business in West Palm Beach? Did a recent disaster cause your business to stop functioning temporarily? If so, then your insurance policy will probably cover business income losses. This is where you receive compensation for the money you’re not making because your business was forced to shut down temporarily. If your building suffered unexpected fire damage, hurricane damage, water damage, or theft damage, then your insurer should approve your business income loss claim. You just need to prove your average business income to the insurer.

Hurricane Damage – West Palm Beach is usually one of the first cities along the Florida East Coast to get hit by a hurricane. If your home or business has to deal with the impact of 100+ mph winds, then hurricane damage will probably occur. The extent of the damage could range from a few missing shingles to severe roof or structural damage. As a Florida property owner, your insurance policy will likely include hurricane damage coverage.

Why You Need a local West Palm Beach Public Adjuster

You cannot afford to handle your claim without a public adjuster. Your insurance claim might be worth thousands of dollars, and you deserve to have the maximum amount of coverage paid to you. A public adjuster has the skills and knowledge necessary to help make that happen.

Insurance companies know that public adjusters understand the insurance industry and what is owed to policyholders. They won’t try to pay you less than what you’re owed if a public adjuster is handling your case. The chances of you receiving the full amount of your claim are much higher.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a public adjuster whenever you have a claim worth more than a few thousand dollars. We only take a small commission on the settlement amount after the claim is approved. There are no up-front costs to hire a public adjuster.

Contact Merkury Public Adjusters Today

Are you ready to hire a public adjuster? If so, you’re making the right decision. Merkury Public Adjusters will be happy to give you a free consultation to hear the details of your case. Reach us by calling (561) 670-7838 or by contacting us here.


Can you fire your current West Palm Beach public adjuster and hire a new one?

Yes, it is possible, but it depends on the terms of the agreement that you signed with them. Most public adjusters will allow you to fire them prematurely, but there may be cancellation fees. Sometimes the terms will allow you to fire them after a certain amount of time has expired, or if the adjuster has not performed their duties. Read the agreement carefully before you sign anything and understand exactly what you can do in the future.

What happens when a West Palm Beach insurance adjuster comes to your house?

When an insurance adjuster comes to your house, they will want to examine the area of the property that was damaged. They will photograph the damaged area and ask you a series of questions related to the incident that caused the damage. In some cases, you may need to provide them with documentation related to the incident.

How do public adjusters determine damage?

Adjusters want to see if the damage was caused recently or if any signs of preexisting damage are present. Depending on the alleged cause of the damage, the adjuster will know how to check for signs of recent damage. They might look for things like rust, mold, or other signs of damage that could not have happened recently.

Public Adjusters also use real market comparisons to determine the pre-accident value of the property and the value of the repairs.

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